Casting Competitions

FullSizeRender-3Fishpool read an interesting article recently in the 1963 Anglers Annual that rounded up the results of the 1962 Tournament Casting Competitions.

Though such events remain to this day, it would appear that public interest is not what it was in the early 60’s. Certainly a modern day generic fishing publication is unlikely to devote five pages to the cause.

The premise of a casting competition is quite simple. One must cast a weight or bait further or with greater accuracy than anyone else. There are obviously an awful lot of variables to consider though, with different types of reel and different weights to be cast. Perhaps this is one reason why the sport is largely niche – there is little obvious difference (to a layperson) in casting 100g or 125g. Added to that, the distance element of casting is tough for people to watch. A four ounce lead is big to an angler but quickly lost to the sky when thumped at distances approaching 300 yards.

The accuracy casting is a little more spectator friendly. A fly fisherman hitting specified targets is easy to understand and potentially compelling. Probably not if Fishpool was competing, though…

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