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A Wandle barbel at season’s end

“Tramp” said her eyes, sunk into an intolerant, pityless look that contorted her face. “Weirdo” said the face of another, while hastily averting his glance less I ask him for any spare change. “Fisherman” said the welcome smile of a third. She knew her onions, recognised the rod as a tool (not a weapon), recognised […]

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A Wye barbel

Before anyone leaps up and thumbs back through their leatherbound Bits and Pieces archives (that is what everyone does with these words each week – isn’t it?), Fishpool is well aware that the barbel (barbus barbus) featured in Issue 14. Sometimes though, rules are made to be broken – and besides, in the world of […]

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From the savagery of the bite, to the endless power of the fight, hooking a barbel (Barbus barbus) is an unforgettable experience. These are fish of fast flows and strong currents, using the weight and power of the water to hold station against the bottom – their stream-lined shape perfectly suited to life in the […]

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The Royalty Fishery

The Hampshire Avon slips through some of the most stunning and historic land in the country. Sprung from the chalk aquifers of Salisbury Plain, the upper river sparkles through archaeological heaven. Stonehenge, Woodhenge, the ancient metropolis of Durrington Walls, then, of course, through Salisbury whereafter it is alternatively named. Having watered Ringwood and skirted the […]

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The Sheringham Society on the Wye

By Michael Comyns Where can you get a conker match, a cello recital and a crack at a double-figure barbel?   Well, I don’t know where or when they might occur together again, but on a recent weekend at Llanthomas, where The Sheringham Society held its Autumnal Equinox Meet—dedicated to the memory of a recently departed […]

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