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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF, and terribly, terribly late February 2017)

Pathetic Sea Monsters Remember the Pathetic Sharks? Of course you do, it is barely 18 months since Fishpool last reminded you of them (https://fallonsangler.net/the-pathetic-sharks/). Well, last month we were offered one of the more pathetic sea monster stories of recent years. In fact, it makes the Pathetic Sharks seem nothing more than ‘mildly crap’, perhaps […]

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Parr’s Diary – January 2017

It was great to see Mark Walsingham (Skeff) on CountryFile earlier this month. He was with Dave Webb of the UK Wild Otter Trust to explain the new otter trapping licence, and the two of them featured in a segment focused on the current otter ‘debate’. Much of the piece was filmed at Ashmead, Skeff’s […]

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The graying (Thymallus thymallus) is an often overlooked fish. The presence of an adipose fin places the species (taxonomically at least) with the Salmonidae, but the grayling has not been looked upon favourably in many rivers, such as the Itchen, where it swims beside the more desirable trout and salmon. Most coarse anglers, meanwhile, are […]

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A first trip to the Test

The River Test perks the ear of any angler. My late father would often talk about it in exalted tones, referring to its glorious brown trout. In later years, I learned of its grayling, and as my circle of angling interests widened, its big roach and dace. To have the chance to fish it was […]

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