Thomas Goes Fishing

FullSizeRender-2A recent thread on The Path by The Water forum reminded Fishpool of the greatest moment in the life and career of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas Goes Fishing is the second story in the fourth book of Rev W Awdry’s Railway Series, entitled Tank Engine Thomas Again. Thomas’ branch line crosses the local river, and every time Thomas chugs over the bridge he gazes longingly at the fishermen below. ‘Sometimes they stood quietly by their lines; sometimes they were actually jerking fish out of the water.’

Of course, Thomas wanted to try fishing for himself, but his driver was worried what the Fat Controller would say if they were late.

One day, the water tower breaks and Thomas’s crew have to fetch buckets and fill him up with water from the river. His excitement soon turns sour though, and he experiences pains that put him out of action. It transpires that a shoal of fish had been inadvertently poured into Thomas’ water tank, and the only way to get them out is with a rod and line!

The tale is quite joyous, though the fish meet a sticky end as the crew all enjoy a fish and chip supper…

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