IMG_3598Where do we start with worms? They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they catch just about everything that swims and if we put a tiny bit of effort in, they’re free!

In our gardens and on our lawns (particularly on damp nights) we find lobworms – perfect for perch, champion for chub and so deadly for salmon and trout that it is often frowned upon to use them.

Turn over the compost heap and you’ll fill a bait tub with dendrobaenas and red worms. These little crawlers are packed with amino acids and are brilliant for bream, tip-top for tench and ridiculously irresistible to roach.

Then, living in the silt at the bottom of our more sluggish waterways we find bloodworm – killer baits on canals and for shy biting winter fishing.

In the sea we find ragworm and lugworm, perfect for plaice – oh, hang on – I used ‘perfect’ already….erm…they are paradisiacal for plaice, fabulous for flounder and wonderful for wrasse.

Fishpool seems to have slipped into some kind of alliterative nightmare….maybe I should make muses of a more mainstream medium rather than wisecrack wilfully about wriggly worms..

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