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Friday Allan’s Fangler (FAF) – June 2017: the feeding of the 250,000 (and more)…

The feeding of the 250,000 Fishpool is properly pooped. To be honest, I wasn’t going to bother with Glastonbury this year, the line-up was alright but the atmosphere hasn’t been the same since the early 80’s. It was real back then, with proper musicians whose heads weren’t up their own backsides. My mate Lord Buckethead […]

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Allan’s Fangler December 2016

No Surprises After a year of sometimes eye-opening decisions, The British Record Fish Committee (BRFC) delivered a dose of common sense at the beginning of the month by rejecting the latest carp claim. The fish, known as ‘Big-Rig’, had already created more friction in the carp world than a Supreme Court Judge at a UKIP […]

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