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Wye oh Wye… Redmire to the rescue

“Spare any change mate? I need six quid for breakfast.” I give what I can, and the homeless man departs. That’s London prices for you. 7.30am, Sunday morning, Vauxhall station; a toxic junction of smell and sound that assaults the senses. Voices clash loudly, night owls mix with the morning larks. Drunkenness or drama? Violence […]

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Friday’s Allan’s Fangler (FAF): May 2016

The Pelican’s not so brief Something rather large has been causing a stir in Cornwall over the past month. A Dalmation pelican was first spotted on May 9th, and has been drawing birders from across the Country ever since. Believed to be the same individual that was seen in Poland earlier in the year, some […]

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