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Good times for Crooked lines

I was introduced to Dominic Garnett in the middle of 2014, courtesy of my friend and fellow angling writer Theo Pike, when I was gathering contributors to appear in the first issue of Fallon’s Angler. I visited his website first, and devoured his material. There was something different about his work, something I hadn’t encountered very often […]

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ron P swegman angler & artist & author

ron P. swegman

ron P. swegman is the author and illustrator of Philadelphia on the Fly: Tales of an Urban Angler and Small Fry: The Lure of the Little. Tenkara fly fishing, fly tying, and cross country running to the water take up his time when he’s not at the front counter of the Urban Angler fly shop […]

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Three men in a boat

  Why is it that we spend so much of our lives running, when really all we’d like to do is walk? We have a propensity to complicate our days, rush through them, fill them with activity, purpose, goals and achievements. But does it actually get us anywhere? Do we actually know where it is […]

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Summer—time to don some shorts, hit the coast, dangle your line and catch a few crabs. No—we’re not suggesting you partake in a Club 18-30 package holiday, but rather that you enjoy the classic pastime of crabbing. Seaside shops are packed with handlines, you just need some bait and off you go. You can use […]

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When will issue 3 be ready?

There have been some delays… but it’s ok, it will be here soon. To explain… over week ago we discovered our printers had printed Fallon’s Angler 3 with the wrong cover stock (it was glossy!!) as well as a serious colour issue running through the internal pages. We didn’t know this had happened until it […]

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How to buy Fallon’s Angler

You can now purchase Fallon’s Angler very easily using either your Paypal account OR your credit or debit card. You don’t need to open a Paypal account. At the checkout stage, click on the “PROCEED TO PAYPAL” button, where you will have the choice of using either your Paypal account OR your debit or credit […]

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A child’s first adventure

It’s approximately 11.45 am on Saturday morning. There’s barely a sound except for the loud ticking of the old clock on the kitchen wall. I can see outside into the garden, sodden by the morning’s rain. Autumn’s colours are still here – brown, yellow, amber, red and all the shades in-between. A Bull finch is excitedly […]

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