Matthew Minter

FullSizeRender-5Having grown up in East London, Matthew Minter escaped the fug of the city and today enjoys the bracing air of the Kent Coast where he lives with wife Alison and son Jacob.

Though he makes an occasional local cast into the North Sea, Matthew’s fishing interest spreads across a variety of disciplines and methods, and he has a current affinity for the Kentish Stour.

When not fishing, Matthew can either be found ‘working’ as a gardener or crawling around the undergrowth looking for wildlife to photograph. He is especially fond of macro-photography and gets in a particular flutter when it comes to dragonflies (the insect not the reel).

Matthew is a lover of vintage tackle and helps to run a variety of online forums and web pages. He is also rather adept at sniffing out a bargain, as his piece in Fallon’s angler Issue 4 demonstrates….

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