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A lesson learned

Garrett Fallon finally publishes a story he wrote nearly 25 years ago, about the capture of an Irish tench. To me, there are few fish more beautiful than the tench. It possesses in its strong lines all the grace and form of Grecian sculpture, yet has the power of something perhaps better suited to war. […]

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Swallows and amadans

By Maurice Neill THERE are more words for a fool in Irish than in any other language and it takes a particular type of angling amadan to venture into the Galway Gaeltacht and onto Lough Mask when the forecast is for bad weather. It is a beautiful, vast and dangerous piece of water where squalls […]

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In the wilds of Cumbria, on the Eastern edge of the English Lake District, sits Haweswater. Originally a natural lake, damming construction began at Haweswater in 1929 after the Government passed an Act allowing the work to take place in order that a water supply for Manchester be established. Despite significant opposition, work was completed […]

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Arctic Charr

Though fairly rare in the British Isles, the Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) is quite widespread across the deep lakes of Scotland, with populations also found in Ireland, Wales and the Lake District. This is a fish of coldwater that is found throughout the northern hemisphere, with a particular abundance in Norway. In some areas they […]

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