Garrett Fallon

James Gilbraith

James Gilbraith published his first book Terminal Chancer Silver Seasons Atlantic Salmon in 2014. Originally from Blackburn, he currently lives in Clitheroe, Lancashire. He is a 47-year-old husband, father, music lover, geriatric footballer and small-time tennis hack. He can generally be found lurking somewhere on the river Ribble, where he reluctantly became secretary of Ribblesdale …

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Peter Brown

Peter Brown followed a spell in advertising with a postgrad in illustration at Central St Martin’s in London. He has illustrated a weekly column about birdlife in Britain—The Feather Report—for The Times newspaper since 1992. Working mainly in wood engraving and Japanese woodblock, he also teaches classes and workshops in both media. www.littlebrownbirds.co.uk

Daniel Davidson

Daniel Davidson is an illustrator who works with a variety of clients including Virgin Records, Saatchi Art and Music Magazine and Creative Review. He is currently working on illustrations for the as-yet-untitled sequel, to the alternative salmon fishing book, Terminal Chancer, which he also illustrated. www.danieldavidson.co.uk

Jim Burns

Writer, journalist, editor and author Jim Burns is on the staff of Occidental College in Los Angeles. His popular blog, lariverflyfishing.com, covers the fishing, politics and science of that waterway’s billion-dollar recovery effort.  A career fly fisherman, he and his son, Will, have slapped water on most of Southern California’s streams, rivers and trickles.  He …

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Jon Berry

Jon Berry has fished for 40 years without ever achieving competence. This hasn’t stopped him enjoying it. He regards fishing as his real life, but spends an inordinate amount of time in a false one where he is an Assistant Headteacher at a large Wiltshire secondary school. He has written three books on angling and …

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“This truly is an exceptional piece of work”

WOW. I have just received my copy of Fallon’s Angler. Now, I had high hopes for this magazine, but it has—in every way imaginable—surpassed all my expectations. It is elegant, attractive, engaging and eclectic. It is well written, well designed and well produced. There is a fine balance to it—in terms of its content, its …

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“Enjoyed this edition to the core and let’s hope it takes off”

“It really is a good read. I will not spoil it for those who have not read this yet, or intend to purchase a copy. Each article is laid out well, looks good and tells a story that draws you in. You can fish from Manhattan to Pembrokeshire, my old stamping ground of East London …

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Twin piques

I have twin seven year old nephews, Tom and Fred. They are energetic dynamos, indefatigable creatures of havoc, as entertaining with their ludicrous antics as their devilish double act is testing to the patience of the most tolerant of adults. A day with the prankish pair requires deep reserves of many attributes, most of which …

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What is ‘back of the shed’?

‘Back of the shed’ is the place where random angling detritus gets deposited. It can be anything at all, but mostly it’s slightly obscure, off the beaten-track, difficult to categorise, like a caelocanth. Well, ok, that’s not the best example. It’s a place for anything that isn’t one of the other five categories in ‘BITS’N’PIECES’. There, much …

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Nick Fallowfield-Cooper

In the summer of 1980, aged ten, Nick Fallowfield-Cooper was given some fishing tackle. He took the rod, reel and plastic box that contained various floats, weights and hooks to the local Sussex Ouse and started to unravel the mysteries of angling. In the early 1990s, Nick moved to London (where he still lives today) …

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Kevin Parr

Depending on the weather, Kevin Parr is an Idler, fisherman, writer, amateur naturalist and fungi forager—though by his own admission he excels in no particular field. He is the author of Rivers Run, The Idle Angler and black comedy The Twitch. Longtime angling correspondent to The Idler magazine and contributor to CountryFile and Caught by the …

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Dominic Garnett

Dominic Garnett is a fishing author and guide with a taste for the unconventional. As a result, he survives mostly on berries, tinned food and super strength lager in a cave somewhere in Devon. His books include Crooked Lines, Tangle with Pike, Flyfishing for Coarse Fish and Canal Fishing: A Practical Guide. For more of his …

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Chris Yates

Chris Yates is a photographer, tea connoisseur, nature lover and prolific writer, having published hundreds of articles and at least 13 books. He is the former British carp record holder with the capture of a 51lb specimen carp from the famous Redmire pool. He lives in a cottage in deepest Wiltshire where he indulges his …

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The Diver

A funny thing happened at the weekend. What was lost was found, and a once-burning flame was rekindled by a chance series of events that fell into place like a float to the water. I rediscovered my love of the simple angling adventure. I cannot wait to see the little pond again, and taste the …

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