The Riverfly Partnership

A sidestream of the Salmon and Trout Association, the Riverfly Partnership represents almost 100 partner organisations. A mixed shoal of anglers, entomologists, conservationists, scientists and regional authorities, all working together to protect the water quality of our rivers. This is achieved by furthering the understanding of riverfly populations through monitoring and research, and seeking the …

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Waiter, there’s a cormorant in my soup!

The perfect starter for the Heron Pudding mentioned in last week’s Bits and Pieces is surely to be found in Vicoria R Rumble’s Soup Through the Ages. In the nineteenth century, Cormorant Soup regularly featured in the diets of those living in the Western Isles of Scotland. The thought of it is, frankly, repulsive but …

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Dennis Watkins Pitchford was an illustrator and naturalist of great note, but is more familiar by his nom-de-plume. As BB, he was a prolific writer of children’s fiction and countryside pursuits. His Bedside books are still great favourites – not least the Fisherman’s selection, whereas his Confessions of a Carp Fisher captures the psyche of …

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